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"I miss Maggie Siff. Maggie Siff was such a strong presence on the show and she was so great with her kids and us as a crew. I mean, part of my job is I have a crew of 200 people that I have to sort of marshal to do Sons of Anarchy, every episode in 7 days, and so the actors’ relationship with the crew - which you all probably don’t talk about because you’re so interested in the writing [laughs] - is really a big dynamic that influences it. And when actors are assholes, it becomes problematic; when actors are great and sensitive and prepared, it makes a huge difference. And there’s not a day that we shot Maggie Siff where she didn’t make the crew happy, where she didn’t make the directors happy, where she didn’t make everybody involved want to be on the show longer. She came and visited the set with her baby and it stopped the shooting because everyone loves her so much!"

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I just listened to a Gabrielle Aplin cover of All I Want while I looked at that gif set you posted with Bobby's quote and... I'm all sad now. When she sings ... if you love me why'd you leave me... I just can't. FUCK Kurt Sutter.

We feel you anon, have a hug