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Working with Maggie is…I think probably been, you know pound for pound the greatest collaboration that I’ve ever had with another actor. I really enjoyed working  with her and I think out of all the things that we’ve achieved on Sons of Anarchy, the relationship between Jax and Tara is the thing that I find plays the the most real and deep and rich and it’s been the thing that I’m the most proud of [x]

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Paris Barclay (commentary): this was the last day of her life.

  • Charlie happy to see a lady wearing necklace designed by his girlfriend Morgana.

Jax: Is there anything you love so much, you’d protect it, no matter the cost; the damage it did to you?

Tara: Yeah, a child.

Anonymous said:
Where did you find the pictures of Maggie Siff you posted where she's in a dress with her hands on her hips?

Hi! I didn’t find them, only reblogged them. But I know they’re on gettyimages, as it says on the pics themselves. Just type in Maggie Siff and they’re the first you’ll see