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  • Charlie happy to see a lady wearing necklace designed by his girlfriend Morgana.

Jax: Is there anything you love so much, you’d protect it, no matter the cost; the damage it did to you?

Tara: Yeah, a child.

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Where did you find the pictures of Maggie Siff you posted where she's in a dress with her hands on her hips?

Hi! I didn’t find them, only reblogged them. But I know they’re on gettyimages, as it says on the pics themselves. Just type in Maggie Siff and they’re the first you’ll see

Jax’s old lady Tara has always been the character to whom viewers relate most: As long as this strong, intelligent woman is willing to stay in this outlaw world, it’s safe for us to play in it, too. In season 5, Siff had to simultaneously steel and unravel Tara to the point that we wanted her to get out — with or without Jax. Even as she lost her chance to flee in the finale, she could only show cracks. ”He’s crying,” she said, struggling to comprehend that Tara couldn’t go comfort her baby because she was being led away in handcuffs. In that moment, we also felt punished.Mandi Bierly, Emmys: 15 Actresses We’re Rooting For, EW.com

"I miss Maggie Siff. Maggie Siff was such a strong presence on the show and she was so great with her kids and us as a crew. I mean, part of my job is I have a crew of 200 people that I have to sort of marshal to do Sons of Anarchy, every episode in 7 days, and so the actors’ relationship with the crew - which you all probably don’t talk about because you’re so interested in the writing [laughs] - is really a big dynamic that influences it. And when actors are assholes, it becomes problematic; when actors are great and sensitive and prepared, it makes a huge difference. And there’s not a day that we shot Maggie Siff where she didn’t make the crew happy, where she didn’t make the directors happy, where she didn’t make everybody involved want to be on the show longer. She came and visited the set with her baby and it stopped the shooting because everyone loves her so much!"

Paris Barclay, SDCC14 interview (x)